Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Weigh In 2

Happy Monday! Happy last day of January! Can you believe how fast the days flew by? It's insane! Another month has passed.

I continued my low carb journey the day after my nephew turned 1. It was January 4th. On January 7th, I weighed myself and I was devastated to find out that I had regained 19 lbs and weighed 149 lbs.

Pictures and mirrors are my only truth, I'm afraid because in my head I am 115 lbs of hotness. LOL Yes! I am THAT delusional. But pictures and mirrors never lie, I've come to find out. No matter how hot and sexy I think I am the moment I see the truth I get devastated.

Check out my weight loss/gain journey in pictures!

January 2010. Wedding of my dear friend Sheryll. I was probably close to my heaviest weight ever of 155 lbs in this picture.

May 2010. I've lost some weight and I felt exhilarated.

May 2010. My cousin Rhea's wedding. 

July 2010 Singapore. I was probably at my lowest weight of 130 in this picture. But this is when I began eating off plan.

January 2011. I began my journey again at 149 lbs.
January 2011. This was taken a week ago at my cousin's wedding. Darn. I go to a lot of weddings, don't I? LOL

As you can see, it's a roller coaster ride and I really wanna punch myself for going off plan for three months! I could've been at a much lower weight now if I didn't go off plan. But I did and I have to live with the consequences, all 19 lbs of them.

So for today's weigh in:
01/31/11 - 140.8 lbs

And Progress pics, I don't see any difference, actually.

So last week I did Zumba for 30 minutes on Sunday and Monday. I didn't get tired much because it was simply learning the steps. I did the 20 minute workout and survived 10 minutes of it on Tuesday and Wednesday. I rested on Thursday and did the complete workout on Friday. Rested Saturday and Sunday. Sheesh! Zumba is hard! It's kicking my butt. I don't wanna be breathless and so tired so I need to work more.

Goal for this week is to do Zumba Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Maybe I can squeeze some Callanetics into Tuesday and Thursday but I'll see if I can handle it. Sometimes I hate being a couch potato! Any kinda of physical activity like climbing up the frakkin stairs will kick my butt so hard.

I also promise to eat clean this week. I ate three bread rolls. there I said it. I feel bad about it. I shouldn't do that! Also I'm thinking of beginning the week (Monday to Wednesday) by doing a meat and egg fast. I will see how that will affect my weight loss. Also drink more water! And more BM this week please. More fiber. Eat more flax.

Almost 2 lbs of weight loss in a week is not bad, if you ask me. I will take it. Pound by pound, that's how I'm gonna get to my goal. As added incentive my cousin Matthew is getting married January next year so my goal is to be at 110 lbs for that wedding. I can do it.

I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

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MissHuniBuni said...

I want to lose by June because I have a graduation then, I want to be to my main goal by March 2012 for my wedding. We can do this! (I ate some doritos yesterday)

Anonymous said...

Put a reward at the end of your weight loss and tell yourself only when you get there,will you allow yourself to have that reward. I'm a lot like you and I find if I have a reward waiting I can shut the part that wants to give in off , by telling myself that my reward is waiting!
I love jewelry so that is the kind of reward I like to have waiting yours may be a trip or something you have been wanting for a long time.
But as kids we were raised with the reward system and it worked lol. I also think for myself prayer helps. Hope you make it through this fast and easy and find fun new ways of eating! Do you have anyone that will do this with you? Good luck , your doing a great job posting! I enjoyed reading your posts!<3

Dee said...

MissHuniBuni, first of all.... I call The Hubby Honey Bunny!!! So cute! Yes, we can do this! I love those Doritos and since The Hubby isn't doing low carb we have them in the house! I get tempted but that's it. Just a temptation. We are strong. We can do this! Thanks for stopping by!

Anon, hello! Thanks for commenting. I agree with the reward system. My reward before was getting my hair curled. I can't think of any right now but yeah I don't want food rewards. Maybe something that will go perfectly well with my new body? :)

Anonymous said...

I think you are focusing too much on the # of lbs you're losing, when you should be focusing on losing fat and getting toned. I would suggest getting a good fat caliper and body measuring tape, and keep track of your body fat percentages.

Also, I think you should go from low-carb to no-carb (no white carbs) with one cheat day per week to increase your leptin levels. And you really need to cut the desserts from your diet -- they are really hurting you.

Dee said...

Thanks for the comment, Anonymous! I have a measuring tape but no fat caliper. I don't even know if I can find that here and buying anything is out of the question right now.

I did a three-day meat and egg fast and now I am down to 137.8 :) As long as the LC desserts aren't stalling me, I see no reason to cut them out. I know I should really get off my butt and exercise but I feel so heavy that I cannot do much. But I would still keep on trying.

Again, thanks for dropping by! :)

Anonymous said...

"As long as the LC desserts aren't stalling me, I see no reason to cut them out."

They ARE stalling you. Just look at your ingredients: butter (high in saturated fat) and splenda (Google "splenda weight gain").

Your diet in general needs a lot of work. I would recommend seeing a nutritionist or at least researching what you're eating, because a lot of it is making you fatter.

Just trying to help.

Dee said...

I appreciate the help :)

I can't imagine cutting out butter. I love it! I cook eggs in it, I put in my flax muffins and pancakes. It makes everything taste better.

And Splenda has not made me gain weight. I regained weight when I went off plan and started eating starches and things with flour and real sugar in it.

And I am not stalling. I have consistently lost weight since I did my re-start. A stall is no weight loss for a month, that's how I define it.

I found what works for me and it is working so I'm sticking with it. It might not work for everyone but it does fine for me. :)

bwya said...

Keep the butter! Great job on your loss since your restart. I think you're diet looks great.

mmmmm. butter.

Dee said...

Thanks bwya! I love butter so I'm never gonna cut it out :)

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