Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Monday is considered by many as the beginning of the week. A lot of people start their diets on a Monday. It’s the perfect day to do it because it comes right after a weekend. Maybe you’ve decided to do a diet on Friday but since the weekend is coming up, you can tell yourself to indulge during the weekend and come Monday you’ll be stricter. Monday means business, start of yet another work week. It is a start of something new.

For me Mondays will mean weigh-ins and goal setting. Every Monday, I will stand on my digital scale (we bought a new one, by the way) and force myself to look at my current weight. Then I will measure, take body pictures and, finally, GASP! I will report everything here. I will call Monday my Accountability Day. In the blog entry I will also state what I plan to achieve in the coming week regarding activity. I’ve retrieved my copies of Zumba and Callanetics from my old laptop and there is actual space in our office that is not covered by unpacked boxes now so I have no more excuses.

So, let’s begin this week right:

Starting Weight: 149 lbs

Current Weight: 142.2


Bust: 38

Waist: 33

Hips: 47

Thigh: 25

Arm: 13

I’m quite happy with the weight loss so far. I am not even on Induction levels of carbs but I am still getting results. That’s very encouraging because it means I don’t have to limit my eating habits too much in order to lose weight. However, it enrages me that my thigh can wear a 25-inch-waist jeans which means I need two pairs to look decent. ARGH!

WARNING: Picture time!

Goals for this week would be to do Zumba Basics and Cardio every other day for half an hour each session. I could probably increase when my fitness level gets better. I have to confess that I am a big couch potato. I spend my entire day in front of my computer, something I plan to lessen as well.

I’ve already done my Zumba for the day and wow! It made me sweat and upped my heartbeat and that was just from learning the steps. So, I’m looking forward to doing more of this and maybe if I can look half as good as the instructors on the DVD I will be a happy woman.

So that’s all for today. What are your goals for the week? Are you doing weigh-ins? Please share in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Great job! Since Jan 3, I've lost and kept off .5 lbs! Not good. :( So, I'm doing my research on the thyroid diet.

so glad you're losing, tho! LC does work.

Dee said...

Heartofcountryhome, I'm a firm believer of "whatever works for you" and LC really worked for me. I hope the thyroid diet works out for you. It can get frustrating losing and gaining that same annoying pound. :) Thanks for dropping by!

MissHuniBuni said...

heartofacountryhome.. I am hypothyroid and find that as long as my med amounts of synthroid are right I lose on low carb just a bit slower than others but I have lost 64lbs so far! :)

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