Monday, February 22, 2010

Dizzy Spells

Day Two of my low carb eating has brought me dizzy spells. I remember feeling the same thing when I did Atkins a few months back but wow! Am just sitting here typing and I feel like am gonna get sea sick.

I was going to post a recipe and what I ate today but I can't think straight. LOL So I will do that tomorrow. Bye for now!

Full Day

Today was my first full day with no rice or bread or any refined sugars. For breakfast I had scrambled 3 eggs and put 2 tablespoons of cream cheese in while it cooked. It was delicious! And I had leftover veggie dish from last night.
For dinner my hubby made beef stew with lots of vegetables like corn, peas, string beans, carrots, onions and tomatoes. It also had potatoes but I didn't eat any of it.
I felt fine all day, a little tired in the afternoon. It also doesn't help that my knee and right leg in general still hurts when I walk too much.
All in all I would call this day a success. Woo-to-the-hoo!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pinay Low Carb

A few months ago I did Atkins. It went well for me. I had more energy (no more mid afternoon naps!), felt really good and lost a few pounds. But Atkins is a little tedious to do, not to mention pricey, especially here in the Philippines where processed cheese and meats rule. I stayed on it for about six weeks before I got bored and eventually went back to my carb-loading, sweet-lovin' and nap-taking self.

This go around I decided to take it slow. I'll get rid of all the bad carbs such as bread and the Pinoy favorite, rice. And as much as it pains me I will also stop myself from eating sweets like chocolates, cakes, cupcakes. As I type this I swear i can hear the sweet voices of the cinnamon rolls all the way from the fridge downstairs. They're calling my name. Damn it.

It's not easy going low carb especially when you live in a country where rice is eaten three times a day, sweet fruits are made sweeter by cooking them in sugar syrup and where people are, in general, sweet lovers literally and figuratively. So I am going on this journey and I hope someone out there would find my experience helpful.

Wish me luck. Please.

The End Marks The Beginning

After months of struggling with my weight, not taking care of my body, not watching what I eat and getting absolutely no exercise whatsoever, I have finally reached the end. The end came to me in 3 digits: 1-5-5. I am 155 lbs. Normal reaction would be to cringe but I can't. I expected that number that's why I avoided it as long as I wanted. But I can't anymore.

I stepped on the scale, saw the number, realized it, accepted it and decided to do something about it. For real this time. I don't want anymore excuses.

This is it. It starts today.