Who Am I?

Who Am I?
I am a Filipina living in the province. I am doing a low carb diet in order to lose weight and avoid diabetes. I did Atkins seriously for a few months and lost the bulk of my weight. Right now I am doing general low carb basically avoiding grains and sugar. I'm also learning portion control so I can live like this all my life. I would like to reach my goal of 110 lbs within this year with the help of a low carb WOE and minimal exercise.

Who Am I Not?
I’m not an expert. I am not a doctor. My blog is my way of sharing my experience on my low carb journey.

Before Stats: Weight: 155 lbs; Height: 4’11″; BMI: 31.4 – OBESE
Current Stats (10/01/10): Weight: 130 lbs; Height: 4’11″; BMI: 26.3 – Overweight

New Starting Weight: 149 lbs (01/07/11)
                                  142.2   (01/24/11)


buddybuilders said...

It's so hard to be in a low-carb diet in a country where everything is rice-based.
I'm a fitness blogger myself, check the site out if you have the time. I sometimes make protein packed meals and post them too!

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