Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meat & Egg Fast

I've heard about the "Meat and Egg Fast" on before but I never thought I could do it. Eating just meat and eggs? No veggies? Cheese? Noooooooooooooo!!!!

But my friend Melissa of Less of Mimi did it for SIX DAYS and even though it turned her into a vegetable craver it really worked for her. So I figured I'd give it a try. I really liked it. I only had like two meals a day and never got hungry. I did this for two and a half days. It was supposed to be three but I miscalculated and in the middle of Day three I have ran out of eggs and edible meat. so I cut it short.

The best part was I lost 2.6 lbs since my weigh in on Monday when I began the fast. That's awesome, I know but I hope the loss sticks. If it does then I will do M&E three days a week and I am free to eat off plan for a day. I'm thinking Monday to Wednesday M&E and Saturday could be my free day.

Have you tried a meat and egg fast? Any kind of fat fast?


Kimberly said...

So when you do M&E fasting it is strictly M&E? I mean nothing else but water? How did you feel during the fast?

Dee said...

Hi Kimberly! On Day One I had pork tenderloin cooked in butter with garlic powder and fried eggs cooked in butter for breakfast then I had rib eye steak for dinner. I also had flax muffins during the M&E but since it's fiber, I figured it didn't count. So I had lots of eggs, some frankfurters when I realized we were out of good meat. No veggies, no onions, no cauliflower.

I felt good during the fast. I didn't get hungry much, if any at all. It was my first time to do it and I found it adequate. I will do it again next week and be better prepared then. :)

Kimberly said...

Thanks! I will have to try that out!!

Dee said...

Let me know how it goes Kimberly!

Erin said...

Have you done any more of the M&E days??

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for posting about M/E days.

I do meat-and-egg days each week. I really enjoy them. M/E days are my basic food plan, and on a few days, I add a low-starch veggie.

I always keep the CHO grams at under 30 per day. M/E days are usually 15-20 g/CHO/d.

It's a grand way to eat. M/E days and VLC make it easy to slender and healthy, too.

All the best to you. :)

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