Weighing In

I will update this with my weigh ins. I have a love/hate relationship with my scale so I don’t have a schedule for weighing in. I just weigh when I feel like it. It’s not good, I know because I cannot keep an eye on my progress or lack thereof. But this puts less pressure on me.

Last weigh in 9/29/10: 130 lbs (-25 total weight loss)

So what began as a birthday week in October turned into three whole months of careless eating and throwing low carb out of the window. I restarted my journey four days ago and I am saddened to report that my three months of debauchery has undone months of careful eating and pounds lost. But I will dust myself off and do better this year.
Last weigh in 01/07/11 149 lbs – new start weight, gained 19 lbs since last weigh in