Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to Basic

New Look

Check out my new style! I'm loving it. I like the simplicity of the black text against white background but I also adore the whimsy from the font I used.

New Page
Check out the new page I created to thank all the people who kept me from going insane this past year. I don't even wanna know where I'd be now without these people... probably 50 pounds heavier. I don't even wanna imagine that! So thank you! Thank you!

More Updates
We are in the middle of moving to a new apartment. It is smaller but closer to places like grocery stores, pharmacy, church, etc. so life has been a little crazy around here. We've been packing and moving stuff.

How can two people accumulate so much stuff in less than two years, you ask? I honestly have no idea. But here we are with two fridges, a standing fridge, dining set that can sit six people, a couch, two footstools, two wardrobes, a recliner, a HUGE generator set... it goes on and on.

Moving day is less than 48 hours away. Wish us luck.

Eating low carb has been a challenge with the move, by the way. Tonight I had to cook eggs with sour cream and cheese using a plastic fork to move the eggs around while they cooked. I packed away all our cooking utensils including knives. Thank God for plastic forks. Thank God for take out.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and here's to an awesome week ahead!


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