Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pancakes For Breakfast? Yes, Please!

You're probably wondering how I can go through 12 mini pancakes in a few days... let me show you the ways...

Pancakes with a tablespoon of heavy cream, sprinkling of Splenda and cinnamon. Tastes like dessert and there's fewer things better than dessert for breakfast. That's my motto, by the way.

Pancake sandwich with lesser carbs! I put ham and cheese slices between two pancakes. Sweet and salty is an awesome combination!

Bacon and pancakes. You don't have to say goodbye to a classic combo just because you're on low carb.

How about a cauliflower and broccoli omelet with sour cream to add to your bacon and pancakes? You get your protein AND your good carbs in one sitting. This meal was so good and so filling I actually forgot about lunch.

But you know what? SugarFreeSheila's pancakes are so awesome without too much stuff on them. So I like to just put a teaspoon of butter and a sprinkling of cinnamon and I am happy... so happy...


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