Saturday, October 30, 2010

Demon Eyes Deviled Eggs

Last year our family started a Halloween tradition. As you know we don't really celebrate Halloween here in the Philippines. No pumpkins, no Trick or Treat, no costumes. But in recent years the Halloween trend finally caught up and now we see all those stuff in the stores. So last year we decided to throw a party and everyone had costumes. It was so much fun! I went as Hannah Montana and The Hubby went as... well he won't appreciate it if I tell you. However, he won Best Costume last year.


So today we're going to have our party again. Our theme is Plants Vs. Zombies. I will be dressed as the sea-shroom and once I have pics I will post whether you like it or not. Hahaha! Anyway, I thought I would bring pizza to the party but I realized it wouldn't be LC-friendly so I settled for something LC, fun and easy to make!


Check out my "Demon Eyes" Deviled Eggs!


I was inspired by Heather's post on her wonderful blog The Rogue Cookie. Hers look even more devilish! I have no LC ketchup and I think I will make a horrible mess making squiggly lines. Thanks Heather for this great tip!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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