Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Sandwich


Happy National Sandwich Day!

I just saw this trending on Twitter and I'm reading a book by Sarah Addison Allen called "The Sugar Queen" where one of the characters bought a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Since I read that the sandwich has haunted me. All I can think about is this sandwich! What would it taste like? How's the texture gonna be like? I figured the author just made this up but apparently it exists and even Rachael Ray had a version of it. So I decided to take this on because it sounded good and because I really want to and it's National Sandwich Day! I may be a day late but who's counting?

So I doubled the OMM recipe and used American sliced cheese and fresh tomato. Cooked it the way I would a grilled cheese sandwich. It's really nice. The tomato gives it a nice refreshing taste. I probably should've used more cheese or a more matured cheese like colby or cheddar but I was too lazy to slice them. Still yummy though. :)

How many times have I mentioned sandwich in this entry?


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