Saturday, October 2, 2010

Monster Bacon and Egg Sandwich

For dinner tonight I made bacon and egg sandwich on flax bread. I used the One Minute Muffin recipe but added garlic and onion powder to the dry ingredients and skipped the cinnamon altogether. Half the recipe was nuked first to make one "slice of bread" and the other was nuked afterwards.  Then I fried up four strips of bacon and scrambled two eggs, toasted my "bread" slices after slathering them with butter and built my monster sandwich.

It is huge. It is greasy. It is messy. It is delicious.

I take one bite and bacon grease would cling to my lips and fingers. Thank goodness for wax paper and paper towels! But it was definitely worth it. I doubt I look sexy as I cram as much of the sandwich as I could in my mouth without any of the filling falling out but who cares about sexy eating? I certainly don't. Neither should you.


Tracey said...

Hey, Dee! Thanks for stopping by Unbreaded and commenting so I could find my way back to your blog and subscribe to it. Your recipes look great!

Dee said...

Hey Tracey! Thanks for stopping by. My blog is currently under construction since I just moved it from blogger. :)

Summer said...

That should be 'cut in half after it's microwaved'.

Summer said...

I make a sandwich bread version of the OMM too - I add a little sea salt, garlic powder, parmesan and spread it into a 9x5 loaf pan, then cut in half. I throw other seasonings in too depending on what i"m eating - I put basil & oregano in when I was making an italian sandwich (ham, salami & pepperoni) and it was great!

Dee said...

Sounds delish! however every time I add parmesan to my a flax bread recipe I detect a fishy taste when I eat it. It only happens with parmesan :(

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