Friday, May 7, 2010

Low Carb Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

There are a lot of things I missed when I started doing low carb. But then I started reading an amazing blog by an equally amazing woman. There I found recipes upon recipes of the things I thought I could never have again. One of them was pizza. I was so glad that pizza hadn't gotten on that bus and left me standing by the highway in a swirl of dust. Cleochatra's Cauliflower Pizza Crust looks just like the real thing. She even turned them into bread sticks! Bread sticks!!!

So when my hubby insisted to have pizza for the nth time, we decided to look for cauliflower. Alas, the poor quality produce that Gaisano Mall's grocery provided left us empty handed. Weeks passed with still no cauliflower and I thought pizza had really gotten on that bus.

Then another recipe made our pizza dream come true. The recipe can be found in a thread at and was thought up by NancyElle.

We used 2 cups mozarella cheese and 1 cup cheddar cheese. We had trouble flipping the pizza because it stuck to the tin foil. Next time we'll just bake it on the cookie sheet, no more foil.

For the toppings, hubby made cheese steak by cooking sliced beef tenderloin, onions and sliced bell peppers until everything was cooked. He seasoned with salt and garlic powder.

After the crust baked, I spread cream cheese on top and then distributed the cheese steak topping evenly over it. Shredded mozarella was sprinkled on top and we turned on the broiler and left the pizza under it until the cheese melted.

This was really as amazing as we imagined it to be. Depending on how you slice it, you can get up to 12 servings. I used a cookie sheet so the pizza was rectangular. This is quite filling too.

And before I go to sleep tonight, I will open our refrigerator door and peek inside just to check if the pizza is there. Just to be sure it's not going anywhere near that bus.

Next in line... bread sticks!!!


Jescel said...

awesome.. it's really difficult to eat low-carb stuff in the philippines when everything is soo sweet. and you wonder why everyone has diabetes! hhehehe.. good stuff and good job on your find. your fellow pinay but currently living in the US :O)

dee said...

Hi Jescel! Thanks for the comment! Low carbing in the Philippines is definitely difficult simply because of all the temptations! heehee

Summer said...

This was sooooo good, I'm making it again today! I made it with one egg/one cup cheese since I'm the only one eating it, with leftover ribeye that I decided was fair game since it was still in the fridge 5 days later. Loved the idea of putting cream cheese on the crust, it was perfect. I shredded up some real american cheese and mixed with mozzarella for the top to make it more like the version from Domino's (the only pizza of theirs I'll eat!).

Anonymous said...

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teri.jones said...

What are your ingredients for your crust? I use low carb tortillas, but was wondering what you used.

teri.jones said...

What ingredients did you use to create your crust? I use low carb tortillas for mine.

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