Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BodyRock Challenge Day 3

How did I sleep? What an interesting question. For the past few weeks I've been setting my alarm to go off at 8 am. I hate sleeping late and oversleeping in the morning. I lost a lot of days doing that before. I really want to stabilize my sleeping habits.

So I went to bed at 12:45 am. I know, pretty bad but I was so tired that I almost immediately went to slumberland the moment my head hit the pillow. But then I awoke to snoring. No matter how much I nudged my hubby and begged him to stop it, he was still snoring! After about thirty minutes of moaning, groaning, tossing and turning (in the middle of this I had gotten up to get some ear plugs that proved to be useless) I decided to just get up and start my day. It was 6:35 am. Double UGH!

Despite this I continued with my BodyRock challenge. Even though I've seen a lot of Zuzana's videos, I always thought that it will get easier. But to be honest, her workouts are so intense that even she get winded sometimes. Which is kinda awesome because it means that the workouts will always be hard, even harder. But anyway, I stupidly thought that Day 3 would be easier than say Day 1 or Day 2. I wasn't prepared to be wrong.

For Day 3 I decided to do Balance, Strength and Agility Workout and it's supposed to be four reps of four exercises and you're supposed to time yourself. Zuzana likes to re-do her past workouts to see if she can beat her personal best, hence the timing of workouts. So I did this. I failed horribly. I was able to complete one rep of the exercises. ONE. ONE! Uno! Itchi! ISA! Can you spell PATHETIC? Not only that but between lots of breaks to catch my breath and stop from falling over and dying, it took me 13 frakking minutes to complete ONE rep!

Yo! Working out is hard y'all!

My fitness level is so beyond zero it's laughable. It's the distant cousin of zero that zero hardly ever sees but writes to when Christmas time rolls around. 

The only thing I'm looking forward to is doing this exercise again sometime during my 30-Day challenge and hopefully doing just a bit better. Maybe I can do one and a half reps next time. I'd take that. I really will.

Here's to hoping you're fitness level is better than mine. Have a great day!


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