Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pinay Low Carb

A few months ago I did Atkins. It went well for me. I had more energy (no more mid afternoon naps!), felt really good and lost a few pounds. But Atkins is a little tedious to do, not to mention pricey, especially here in the Philippines where processed cheese and meats rule. I stayed on it for about six weeks before I got bored and eventually went back to my carb-loading, sweet-lovin' and nap-taking self.

This go around I decided to take it slow. I'll get rid of all the bad carbs such as bread and the Pinoy favorite, rice. And as much as it pains me I will also stop myself from eating sweets like chocolates, cakes, cupcakes. As I type this I swear i can hear the sweet voices of the cinnamon rolls all the way from the fridge downstairs. They're calling my name. Damn it.

It's not easy going low carb especially when you live in a country where rice is eaten three times a day, sweet fruits are made sweeter by cooking them in sugar syrup and where people are, in general, sweet lovers literally and figuratively. So I am going on this journey and I hope someone out there would find my experience helpful.

Wish me luck. Please.


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