Thank You!

Going on a low carb journey is difficult enough as it is, living in a country where white rice is eaten three times a day and not as a side dish but as the main staple of each meal makes it triple harder. Trust me.

So I wouldn't still be here without the help of these love people:

Jamie aka Carbarella "Your Lighter Side" - With her inventive recipes and infectious humor, Jamie is the lighthouse that guides me as I brave the rough waters of low carbing. Always helpful, always snarky -- just the way I like my lighthouses to be. Thanks Jamie!

Sheila aka SugarFreeSheila "" - Sheila is fun-loving, extremely beautiful inside and out and such a great inspiration. Her site gave me the infamous SFS pancake recipe that helped me survive the dreadful Induction phase. What can I say? Sheila is the person I wanna be when I grow up. Whenever that is.

Melissa aka Mimi "Less of Mimi" - My dear friend Melissa's weight loss journey is enough to make me feel like a failure. Her before and after pictures scream at me to get off my butt and start doing something. She can carry a 50-pound child OVER HER HEAD! I am not kidding, people! She is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!

Heather aka LinearChaos "The Rogue Cookie" - Her site is a treasure chest of low carb recipes that convinced me I can probably do this all my life. Okay, I probably will. Next year I just might try all the Thanksgiving recipes she posted... should try...

Low Carb Friends aka LCF - Without this message board, I would've still been addicted to sugar and carbohydrates. A great source of information and never ending debate over controversial topics from grass-fed beef to whether bangs look good on me or not. Thanks to everyone there for holding my hand and group hugs. I love group hugs.

I would also like to thank the people who made it possible for me to do this magic with my blog. I am so proud of myself but if it weren't for these awesome sites and their easy-to-follow tutorials, I would be bald by now.

Kevin and Amanda of for the cute font I am using on my blog title, post title, side bar and for teaching me how to use the cute font on blogger.

Blogaholic Designs for this template that I edited to fit my needs.

Amanda Fazani for writing this article and allowing me to have what I've always wanted - my very own favicon!